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Hey Enjin Community Crew, so firstly a big thank you to the Everything Enjin team, for offering me a tab to add my stuff! Very cool. I’ve been following Enjin for a while now, pre Unity days, and it is absolutely amazing to see how it has grown. From what I knew, it used to be just a one telegram account plus an update channel. Look at it now! Enjin now has its own dedicated fan page, Everything Enjin, along with multiple telegram, discord, reddit spin offs. Probably many more I’m unaware of too…for now;)


So in this tab, I’ll be posting all things Meltoid related, which we think fits perfectly with the ethos of this site. I’m fortunate enough to have time to dedicate a vast portion of my life to Enjin, and its path towards global adoption. Other than family life and friends, I feel that I’ve become a little like this website, in that I’m everything enjin. The world of crypto and especially Enjin itself, has really opened my eyes to what the future looks like, and the exciting new frontier we are all ploughing into. I never imagined I would form such great bonds and friendships through this online medium (yes I’m a little old school), but I can’t see my life without it now. It certainly wouldn’t be as enriched. I feel we can all relate to that here!


So whether it be books, art, articles, interviews, community commentary, and anything else Enjin we can conjure, I assure you, I’m here to stay and can’t wait to explore this new Enjin Multiverse with you all.


As many probably know, I like creating my little one liners, and I feel this one may resonate with what we are all doing, as most of us are volunteers or Enjineers for the cause.


‘In this life you can be both enriched and rich, but only one will lead to the other.’


Enjineers – To Efinity and beyond!


U.N.I.T.Y. Series


This series is a post apocalyptic, 1984esque, series of books based off the first instalment, The  Mart. This story was the first story to be minted on ERC1155. Due to the cool feedback I received, it engaged me on a mission to write the first series of books to ever be tokenised. It is dark, minimalist and a non-nonfiction. In this series, I will try to determine what humanity is capable of, and if it is worth saving. It will be cliff hanger after cliff hanger, and most importantly - entertaining. I'm sure you will tell me if that is not the case. The series is still to be written so who knows where it will lead! All I can assure you is that it will be done.

The Mart

“I can’t believe you lost your passphrase again Jimmy,” said Lucy, rummaging through a bunch of clothes piled on the wooden bench. It was a makeshift counter for unwanted belongings. A crude sign that read ‘Treasure Island’ swung gently in the breeze above her. She pulled out a newish towel from the pile. It would do, it wasn’t soiled.


“It’s not my fault. I’ll just get another re-issued if need be,” replied Jimmy, picking grease out of his short fingernails. “Why do we always have to use my wallet anyway?”


She flicked her curly blonde hair over her shoulders, and smiled up at him with a twinkle in her large green eyes. “Using yours is what a good boyfriend does. It’s not as if you had to work for it.”


She waved his phone in front of a QR code and donated a token. “Plus the community kitty can do with a little love.” A small static meow echoed out of a worn kitten shaped speaker. Lucy patted its head instinctively.


An old TIME magazine lay on the bench and Jimmy slid it over. The cover read ‘U.N.I.T.Y. – How its universal income policy saved the world economy’.


“Who has to work for it these days? Thank you, Unity."

The Fallout

“They’re still behind us,” said Lucy, looking in her side mirror, pushing her blonde locks out of her face. The wind howled through the window, blowing her hair like Medusa’s snakes. The Mustang’s engine roared. Jimmy glanced at the oval gauge on the dash, the needle dipped into the red. He pushed his foot down but it was already flat to the floor. The black trucks’ pursuit did not let up.


He darted his eyes between the rear view mirror and the road ahead. “Is this bunker far?”


“Fuck, they’ve released their spawn,” said Julia, sitting in the back seat, looking out the rear window. Jimmy looked past her shaved head and saw what she meant. A swarm of mini-drones dispersed from the trucks, and charged towards them.


Julia turned back and leant between the front seats, her eyes searched for something ahead. She suddenly slapped Jimmy on the arm and pointed. “Over there, drive straight for that windmill.”


Off to the right, in a fenced paddock of dead ground, stood a decrepit windmill. Heat waves shimmered across the bone dry dam laid bare behind.


Next Release Coming - The Commander

'The representatives all leant forward. The space was deathly quiet as the commander watched on, twin globes reflected their image in his black wraparounds. The creases in his forehead deepened, sharpening the point of his silver widow’s peak. A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. Underneath his glasses, the commander’s eyes were wide, like a manic child about to receive his favourite treat. No-one could tell, except U.N.I.T.Y. - she saw everything.'

The Wing'ed Series - The Grid

This series was intended for traditional publishing, however, ERC1155 was born. I feel publishing via tokenisation is way cooler than traditional methods so worth a punt. It can always be in print later. It is a 90,000 word novel already written and ready to go. This first token is the introduction of the first instalment - The Grid. The Grid is just one novel of an ongoing series where a new world has been born. I will be tokenising this series all in one go, once ready. I am taking expressions of interest for any artists that would like to do the cover page of each token. Don't get me wrong, I like doing the cover art myself, but I feel this series requires a certain style and continuity that is outside my skillset. Contact me with portfolio if interested in collaboration - meltoid@protonmail.com

Jacket blurb

The Wing’ed Wars have been lost and ancient beasts patrol the skies, free to feed on the dark thoughts of all humans. In LA, those who survived have taken cover underground, no-one is truly innocent anymore. Holden knew this better than most. As an addict to the yellow curse, all he cared about was finding his next feed, and taking out as many Wing’ed in the process. It was a just survival. That was until he finds V, and uncovers a mirror to his past, a past he had tried hard to forget. But true pain you never forget, especially if you’re not the forgiving type, and Holden was not forgiving. For Holden, there was now something sweeter than survival…revenge. He was still human after all. It wasn’t yet black and white, the grey still mattered. Michelle mattered.


The Grid is the first instalment of The Wing’ed series. A futuristic, slasher styled, dark fantasy world that won’t disappoint. Likened to Jim Butcher, but with more gore, Meltoid doesn’t hold back. Change is inevitable, but will you see it coming?

The Hunchback of Hoop Hollow

The Hunchback of Hoop Hollow is possibly the first children's book to be published via ERC1155. I'll say its the first, but happy to be corrected. It is a modern fable that highlights the issues of being different, and that being wise is better than being part of the herd. This story has brought tears to the eyes of readers and personally, I think it is some of my best work to date. It has wonderful morals for young ones to absorb and is a stand against bullying.

The following is how it starts...

A young boy comes home to his father and complains that he is being teased.

“Why are you being teased?” his father asks.

“It’s because I like books.”

“What’s wrong with that? Books help you learn, and grow! I like books.”

“They call me hunchback, because I’m always hunched over.”

“Well that’s just silly, you shouldn’t care about that.” But his father could see, his boy took it more seriously, than silly. He patted the bean bag next to him.

“Let me tell you a story of The Hunchback of Hoop Hollow.”

Meltelbrot Articles

   Meltelbrot is a series of Multiverse based articles aiming to introduce and keep you up to speed on what developers, and the general Enjin community alike, are creating within the Enjin Multiverse Ecosystem. It will be on point, and keep progressing from point to point. It will endeavour to provide insights, information from insiders, and the points of view from everyone involved in this new exciting frontier. The overall multiverse is an ever evolving image, charging off in multiple directions, but I’ll be doing my best to join the dots to provide you with a clearer picture.


   Why? Because it’s fun, and like the original Meltelbrot Legacy Token suggests – If nothing is still then why should we be…These articles will be coming from the community work I do for the supportive websites of Enjin. I’m doing this because it’s fun and well sometimes I find it hard to say no. It’s not a paid gig but any donations whether it be tokens, ENJ or anything else the Enjin wallet takes, will be super appreciated and noted. It’s nice to know stuff is appreciated, but anything excessive will be shared around.


Donations=Love and Melting is murder ;) although a sacrifice here and there to the Enjin source code may be alright.

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